I wanted to post this today morning, but you know how it is. The moment we make a plan, Somebody out there starts the machinery to wreck it all. (Then I make plans and pretend that I don’t have any, just to fool that Somebody!)

To Business. Thanks to all those who participated in the Book Giveaway, it was good to read all the serious and light-hearted and thoughtful comments.

I borrow this idea of posting pictures of the draw from Patricia Storms at Book Lust.

1. The names.

2. Shaken and Stirred.

3. Winner #1! Nikki-ann

4. Winner #2! Bob

Check out Nikki-ann’s blog for beautiful photographs.
Nikki-ann, I do not have your email ID, so please contact me at j(dot)papaadi(at)gmail(dot)com.

Check out Bob’s blog where he writes about life in Dubai and in general.
Bob, please check your Email !

Your copy of Tales from the Garden City will be reaching you soon!

Thanks again for all those who participated, a special thanks to two of you who already had my book, and still posted comments here – I appreciate it.