So what if Someone does not respond to my mails three times? After all, he is not a close friend, member of the family or a relative, and he is not obliged to send me a response.

The first time, when I queried, there was an explanation. It sounded true.
The second time, though it was a personal mail which invited a reply at least in the name of courtesy, I did not query.
The third time, my mail was not addressed to him alone, it was a group mail. But does one not send mails in groups to announce happy news? And how many of the others replied to it?!

So why am I so bothered? Because, when my first opinion of the Person was formed, it was so strongly based on the foundation that he does not ignore anyone, he acknowledges even the most insignificant individual, responds to the slightest single-liner mails, and so on.

When that belief crumbles day by day, it troubles me because something deep inside insists that my First Impression – in which I have always trusted with my eyes shut – seems to have been wrong. Besides, this is one of the very few individuals that I have learnt to respect and admire during my professional career, and so far there has not been one instance that destroyed that image.

Three times? There certainly is more than meets the eye.

The dreams that we see in the early morning, minutes before our mind snaps awake, leave us with emotions that stay with us for most part of the day. Today morning I dreamt about this person. I do not recall much. I just remember that he was there, and he ignored me.

And that pain stayed for most of the day.