1. The difficulty with neglecting an opportunity, however tiny, is that, if it ever comes back, it would be of no use.

2. Almost every problem has a solution, but it doesn’t make its appearance till the time is ripe, however hard you try. But one should keep trying, lest the solution should find a closed door when it finally does materialise.

3. There are times when people need a taste of their own medicine, just to make them open their eyes – if not for anything else.

4. Cruel irony of life: You receive a message full of promise in its every word, yet you have the sinking feeling that one more door is closing on your face.

5. Little four-year-olds ask questions we have long forgotten to ask.

6. Every journey begins with a single step. Some end with it.

7. Whether you want to pluck flowers or get pricked by a thorn defines your way of seeing things.

8. The best part of writing a story is choosing its title.

9. Anyone who does not let you be yourself is not good for you. Or, they are so good that they want you to change for the better.

10. Good intentions don’t always imply satisfactory outcomes.