Blogadda is on a search for the answer to a question as old as the mountains.

What do women want?

While I do not claim to know the perfect, one-word answer to it, over the years this Q has been tossed around me several times in emotions ranging from wonder to frustration to sarcasm. Allow me to share a few of my thoughts on the issue. For all the feministic arguments it raises, I’ve warned you – you can quit reading now.

Why do you think such a question has found no answer in the eons of its existence?

Because dumb questions do not deserve any sensible answer? Because wise folk don’t waste their time on non-existent issues?

Does no one ever wonder what men want? Is it because men know what they want, and women don’t really care? Implies, the question of what women want has been originally raised by men? So, does it matter to them that much? Wow. I’m impressed.

By the way, is there only ONE thing that a woman could want? Whereas men could choose any number? Just wondering, no offence.

Let’s go through one by one, the simple possible answers to the ‘million-dollar’ question.

What could a woman want? Listing a few that came to my mind, in no particular order.

– Love? Naturally. Don’t men seek love, and all the guises it goes under?

– Marriage? Yes, balanced and settled life, that sort of thing. Of course, men claim to regret it the moment they tie the knot, and make a hue and cry of their endless miseries, so I’m sure they don’t want to get married.

– To wear good outfits, jewels? Of course. Do men still wear the shirts they bought in their teenage? Besides, don’t they expect their women to look their best before their buddies?

– To look beautiful? Sure. Do men not go for a six- or eight- pack abs? And flaunt it?

– Shopping? Where else do you think the perfect tapestry for your beautifully-maintained house appeared from? Oh, you thought God gifted it when he made such a handsome being as you?

– Children? Wait a moment, did you say men don’t want a family? Sorry, that’s news to me.

– Success? A climbing career graph? Any surprises? Or is that allowed only for men?

– To have fun with friends, gossip? Is the partying, socialising thing meant for men? And don’t tell me men don’t gossip. I think, for them the right term is not ‘gossip’.

– To spend time with her man and to listen to him? Tiring, isn’t it. After a hectic day at work, you are supposed to go home and talk?

– To hear that she looks nice? If three little words, ‘you look nice’, makes her day, is it too much to ask?

– To have some time to herself, pursue her hobbies? Does that sound sacrilegious??

Of all the possibilities I listed here, is a woman expected to pick one up and say that is all that she wants her entire life? Do her likes keep changing? You don’t expect her to hold on to her Barbie doll all her life, do you? After all, you graduated from toy-guns to tennis racquets to sports cars to girl friends to…

Well? What did you expect? Did you think a woman would want something quite out of this world, so that you can say this Great Big Question is justified?

Repeat, the question is as foolish as the people who raise it.
I rest my case.

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