I shouldn’t probably be writing this. This could offend someone. 
But I think I will take that risk. Because, as a wise person once said (in an entirely different context): What needs to be said must be said. If I think too much I might edit it out. 
I must publish without thinking.

There are many ways a group of people can work together. When they are working for the benefit of the product or for each other, they could focus their energies in different ways. One of them is to identify who is going to do what and not to bump into each other. Respect each other and trust that “the other person is going to do their work as well as I am going to do mine”. I do not have to ask them if they have done their work. I trust that they will and leave it at that. I will never go back to check if it was done. Another way is to once again identify the tasks for each, but to intentionally bump into each other once in a while. If something new comes up that I know the other person is responsible for, ask , acknowledge. “By the way did you see that email?” It doesn’t mean we step on others’ toes, but it is an indication of support and ownership. The product is ours to work on, I need to know if all hands are healthy and strong. I am not the owner or the manager but I own the product just as the rest of the team does. There are several other ways to work as a team. It does not matter how we work or which method we choose, what matters is the attitude. The ownership. The responsibility that comes from within. It is contagious. If it dies, everything else will begin to wilt.

There. That’s all I wanted to say.