Today, “success” is measured in numbers. Numbers that signify the attention we get, numbers that indicate the “success” we have given others. It’s the result of effort we spent on bringing attention to ourselves, not merely the output of talent, or hardwork. Well, can’t complain. Bringing attention to oneself requires talent and hardwork too! Not everyone can go all out and make others notice us.

If you don’t do your work today, your “success” falls by a certain number. If you don’t help others to attain “success”, your own “success” would fall. Everyone knows what this means, but no one is unduly worried. If this is what it looks like today, then this is the one we would like to have.

This kind of success gets addictive. I had it yesterday, I want it today. I would want it tomorrow and for all days to come. And if it is not found, it becomes frustrating, depressing. I would work harder on pushing others to their success so that I can attain mine.

It’s certainly about skill and talent and hardwork. But not on our product, but on getting it out for all to see.