The merry-go-round lures us to ride,
Enchanted, intrigued, we climb astride.

Where we’ve come from, what we’ve seen,
Brace us for what tomorrow might bring.

We’ve been every place, worn every guise,
But what comes around takes us by surprise.

When the rug is whisked from underneath,
We discover new ways to rise to our feet.

Frustration, despair lead us to that place
Where we dare not venture otherwise.

Have no trust on the merry-go-round:
Any moment, it can fling us to the ground.

There’s no right answer, no correct way
To keep to the track; it’s easier to stray.

Order has shifted, the view is denied;
The goal of the past has vanished or died.

It’s time to let go the merry-go-round,
The ride is over, it’s time to look around.

A lifetime is not about how much we felt,
Or how we pounced on what we were dealt;

The journey is all about what we concealed;
Not of the wounds, but how best we healed.

Safe from the world, the truth is unseen,
No one to speak of where we’ve been.

Alas! in the mirror, glaring from within,
Is the one who knows what we’re thinking.