Don’t call me, sunshine,
I have chores to do;
We’re near, though apart,
And my heart is with you.

Don’t tempt me, bright day,
I can’t come to you;
My days are hollow
But I’ve no time for you.

Don’t prod me, rain clouds,
When I try to forget;
I can see you there,
And I’ll catch you yet.

Don’t seek me, cool wind,
I’m out of your reach;
I yearn your caress,
I long for your touch.

Don’t lure me, blue sky,
I’ve no time for regret;
Your vastness, your freedom,
The colours you spread.

Don’t smile at me, moon,
I know what you think;
You and I, we’re destined
To live on the brink.

Don’t miss me, my friends,
Our dreams seem futile;
Don’t wait up for me,
It’ll take me a while.