This Mothers’ Day… Show some support – to the women in your life.

Look around, what are they doing? The mothers, wives, daughters and sisters…

Do you only see them relaxing on the sofa or catching a show on television?

Or chatting with friends on Whatsapp, or gossiping and laughing?

Do you think they are enjoying life, just as free as you are?

Do you think they are taking life too casually?

Look closer: are they not doing something more,

Something right before your eyes, but always out of your sight ?

Things you always knew, but never gave a thought to:

And if at all you did, it would be to say,

“God, I’m glad I don’t have to do this!”

Who dusts the shelves? Who cleans the table?

Who picks up the clothes you have strewn around?

Who switches off the lights after you’ve walked out of the room?

Who reminds you to pay the bills?

Who washes the clothes, hangs them out to dry,

And folds them so you find them ready to use?

Who makes the bed, who waters the plants?

Who takes the garbage out every day or the dog for a walk?

Who makes sure the maid cleans the room every day?

Who ensures the family has a meal on the table daily?

Who teaches the kids to do the right things, over and over again?

Who keeps track of school activities, homework and exams?

Who balances the finances of the family?

Who buys the grocery? Who cleans the toilet?

Who do you blame if any of this is not done?

And if this were not enough, most of them have

A job to keep up with, and its own share of pressure.

Are they not doing most of the above, if not all?

And if the best you can do is say, “I am grateful

I don’t have to do these”, then think again:

At least pause a moment. See what they do.

Acknowledge their efforts, help when you can,

Because they may be too proud to ask for help.

Or they may be tired of asking and not getting any.

Don’t mock them, don’t ignore their cries if they complain.

Stop what you’re doing and appreciate their efforts

For they’re doing what you hate to do.

You have them to fall back on: they may have no one.

Remember, they don’t get paid: not even with a word of gratitude.

Yet they have to do over and over, this cycle of boring chores.

Neglect may break a woman’s spirit, and so would ingratitude.

She is not quiet because she is content,

She may be quiet because she has lost her confidence.

Spare a kind word, a thoughtful gesture,

Show some gratitude, make her smile.