If you are going to scroll down the pages

Know that you will encounter my Life

What you have known, what you haven’t

What you have felt, or haven’t suspected

What will shock you, send you reeling

What will calm you, or astound you

What will make you nod and say

I have known this all along

What will make you marvel

Or will disappoint you

You’ll find philosophy

You’ll find silliness

You’ll find half-cooked thoughts

You’ll find abandoned efforts

And promising plot-lines

That never quite made it anywhere

You’ll see my dreams

Concealed well or peeping out

You’ll find reminders

You’ll find secrets

You’ll find almost everything.

But there will still be a part of me

That I haven’t written down

That’s mine alone

To die when I’m gone.

They don’t emerge from between the lines

They’re buried deep in my mind.

When you scroll down these pages

And encounter my Life in words…

Make sure you treat it with care

Because you now hold

My living, beating heart in your hands