Holidays have a pace of their own.
When you look at them eagerly ahead from a working day through a zoom lens, they appear magnified, as though they have 32 or 40 hours per day. We plan a million things for the day(s). It is only when we reach them that we realise that holidays have even lesser hours than a normal day.

This weekend is quite long in this part of the world. Friday was Mahalaya Amavasya and today, Monday, is Eid. Many of the schools have closed for Dussehra vacation, my son’s school closes on wednesday (for ten days).

Last week, when I remembered that this weekend is going to be this long, I had made innumerous plans – in my ToDo list. Now three days are almost over and my ToDo list remains almost the same. A few items ticked off here and there, but on the whole, a great deal left intact.

Where do the hours go?