They were thirty-two in number
Each sought to be the best.
They knew that to touch the stars
One had to beat the rest.

Encounters there were sixty-four
Stretching thirty-two days
Ten cities they had to tour
Across the continent’s face.

They placed their hands across their hearts
As they sweated for their day
They fought their way up the charts
Some falling on the way…

Heads held high, the Giants they came
Their eyes firm on the Crown.
They left the field, heads hung in shame
They found themselves mowed down.

A fumble, a save, an Escobar,
Corners and cards galore.
The cheers, the tears, the heart-breaks,
The memories, to the fore.

The Red and Yellow, so it was,
That held the Cup aloft
They put their fingers on the prize
Their first in eighty years.

A proud, dark continent hugged the World
We give you friendship, no ill-will
Fare thee well, for four long years,
Let’s meet again, in Brazil.