… a conversation between my five-year-old and his Grandpa over phone.

Appupa, Gandhiji did not die. Gandhiji marichathalla.”

“Yes. A bad man came to him, bowed, said ‘Bapu‘ and did dishun-dishun with a gun.”
“Is that so!”

“Didn’t you know?”
“Yes, you are right. I remember reading something about it. In fact, your Grandma and I once visited a museum in Madurai where the clothes Gandhiji was wearing on that day are preserved.”

“With blood on it?”
“Yes, the clothes are blood-stained.”

“Why did he say ‘Bapu‘ if he was going to shoot him?”
“He was a bad man.”

“Then Gandhiji said ‘Hei, Ram‘…”
“Yes, that is what he said before he died. Did you learn this in school?”

“No, my Amma told me.”
“Good. I’m happy that you shared this with me.”