We were watching a Malayalam movie.
A baby was abandoned following a fight. For about half an hour the story focussed on the rowdy who tried to take care of the baby along with the girl who found him.

My six-year-old son was sitting with his cousin, watching the movie with his mouth open. I was nearby, often walking to the kitchen and back. Suddenly my son crawled into my lap and put his head on my shoulder.
“Are you sleepy?” I said.
He whispered, “Let’s go to the other room.”

When we went there, he told me that he felt like crying when he saw the baby’s plight. I hugged him and said “it’s okay, I felt the same. Just as everyone laughs aloud when they see a joke, they feel sad when they see emotional scenes but it is just that people try to hide their tears.”

“I don’t know,” I said.

We didn’t go back to watch the film, it was time to sleep.

As usual my thoughts went back… to an old Boss of mine who once asked me, “Do you cry when you watch films?”
Of course there is only one correct answer. “No Sir,” I said. And of course it was a lie.
“I do,” he said. “Emotional scenes always make me cry.”

I was shocked. How can anyone in their right minds admit that they cry while watching a film!

But then I was younger, and I have learnt a lot of things since. I have also, in the intervening years, noticed that when people walk to the next room in the middle of a movie, or take a drink, or talk about irrelevant things, or shake their knees as if they are bored, it just means that they hate the tears that are pricking their eyes and want to escape rather than let anyone see it.