Every difficult decision, more often than not, boils down to a choice between a Bad Headache and a Bad Memory.

The day I stuck to my belief (or principle or self-imposed rule, whatever) I came home with a headache. People tried to prod me, nudge me, lovingly force me into doing something I didn’t want to, but – though I almost did give in, at one point – I mercilessly (and I dare say, rudely) resisted and fought and refused.

The effort itself was enough to split my head into pieces. I almost regretted the decision within minutes. The headache stayed till morning reminding me of the darn stupid principle I was trying to stick to. Who made up these rules, anyway?

But I told myself, the headache will be gone soon – after an hour or a day. Instead if I had given in to the people and gone against my wish, the memory would had gotten bad over time, decayed, smelt like shit and would have ruined my days forever. Better the splitting headache than the rotten, life-long memory.

And so I say, everything that does not have a happy outcome is either a severe Headache or a decayed Memory that forever gnaws at your mind.