1. No harm in asking! Poochne mein kya hai?
Seriously! If you don’t get the answer you seek, that’s that. It’s over, and done with. But by all means, ask. What’s the harm in asking?
(Poochne mein kya hai is a famous tagline in an advertisement. That did inspire, though I didn’t buy the product, whatever it was.)

2. What do I have to lose? Mera kya jaata hai?
This is a corollary of the first, but it does have its own existence.
When I desperately need the courage to do something, that’s what I tell myself. What do I have to lose, dammit?

3. Who cares, anyway? 
My colleague (alias friend) and I often spend a long time after preparing a sophisticated email, asking each other, “Shall we send it?” “Shall we send it?” We’re terrified that we may not have verified its contents properly, and may have overlooked something.
Finally when we are tired of procrastinating, and are ready to let go, one of us tells the other, “Who cares, anyway? No one’s going to read it.”
That statement kind of releases our tension like no other.
Until the next time we have an email to send.

4. Better to have tried and lost than never to have tried at all.
So that, at the end, we can tell ourselves, at least I had the courage to try.