I came across Gopinath Mavinkurve quite by accident. I was googling for information on the Bangalore Book Festival-’09, and stumbled on his blog regarding his book. To my pleasant surprise, I found that he too was a self-published author, putting up his books for sale at Pothi.Com, just as I was!

I checked out his book The ArTicKles Collection at the Festival, and was intrigued by the description “ArTicKles, articles and more.” I thought, aren’t ‘ArTicKles’ and ‘articles’ pretty much the same? Besides, he has guaranteed “Humour for everyone.” I had to buy it.

The book is a humorous read, there is no doubt about that. The author’s light-hearted take on a variety of subjects would make us smile. It was curious to note that many of the articles are in the first person – I am sure he is not as eccentric as he portrays himself to be; I believe he accumulated all the oddnesses of people around him and put them all on his own head, not to offend anyone.There are a few very informative subjects as well, regarding language, many of which were new to me. The Limericks made me ROFL – just as he predicted. I found the English translations of Hindi phrases to be redundant, till I realised that some of his readers may need them.

By the end of the book, I discovered what the difference between ‘ArTicKle’ and ‘article’ was!

The ArTicKles Collection is available for purchase at Pothi.com. Click here to check it out. (You can see the first 10 pages preview as well.)
The author has an interesting blog, in fact many of the articles in the book are originally from his blog. Check it out here.