They say there is a time and place for everything.
They also say some efforts will meet success only on the third attempt.

Nothing better explains why, in the winter of 2009 when one of my newfound twitter buddies suggested the merits of publishing my book on Kindle, I never cared to explore it. ‘Kindle’ was a new term and I was intimidated by it. 

A few months ago when another friend mailed me about it, I again did not venture into it.

Last week, when a third friend sent me a link through Facebook, and asked me to consider publishing on Amazon Kindle, I finally knew…

… it was time.

Ladies and Gentlemen, slow I may be, but I am getting there too, thanks to friends who nudge me when I seem to lose my way.

My Book, Tales from the Garden City, now has a Kindle edition.

This is the short announcement I wanted to make, and I request you all to get back to your work, … right after going across to Amazon and making the purchase, maybe! You no longer have an excuse.

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(Part-2 of the Navi Mumbai travelogue will be posted in a couple of days.)